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What they say about us

Thanks Andrea for having framed my feelings with perfect background scenery and interior fittings.
When you read that letter I saw my girlfriend was happy. I felt Lisa was touching the sky with a finger.
I am happy to have given Lisa a magical moment.


You united us with emotional and never to be forgotten words, thank you Andrea for having given us that profound desire…… that was hidden deep in our hearts

Anna e Roberto

Perfect scenery of pure love.

Corinne e Raffaele

Sudden emotions of unexpected gestures.
Andrea you have gifted us marvellous and spontaneous thoughts.
Words from the heart are unique and wonderful.
A perfect ceremony. Thank you Andrea for having given us a priceless gift

Alessandra e Matteo

Maria Rosa, Andrea, Gaia and Ilaria you have framed our love in strong and unique emotions.
We spent marvellous moments thanks to your careful and caring organization.

Silvia e Pasqualino

We celebrated a fairytale wedding, taken care of in every single detail, from the ceremony that left all guests astonished to the fittings of the wedding rooms and the garden rich in particulars.

Alessandra e Francesco

Our feelings so true, deep and hiddden within us have been celebated with such passion to have given us an unforgettable moment.

Antonia e Alfredo

The new fairytale was splendid, above all thanks to Andrea that touched everyones heart, making this moment unique and unforgettable.
It was marvellous.

Barbara e Alfredo

Memorable moment, elegant and intense, thanks to Andrea we experienced unique emotions.

Ellina e Ivan

My boundries seemed very near, but thanks to you Andrea, you led me to live feelings.
I would have never imagined.


Our fairytale is made of magic, love and the will to live, we felt all this during our ceremony that emotioned us and our guests.
Thank you for the bottom of ourhearts.

Gisella e Stefano

Lele-s smile and his peace of mind in accepting destiny has taught us that every single day must be lived fully as if it were the last.

Lele e Lucy

When friendship is….. being there fully in the important moments of life.
Thank you Maria Rosa, Andrea, Gaia and Ilaria for all you did for us and for always being there.

Ornella e Cris