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THE CELEBRANT is a widespread profession in many countries but is now becoming a new trend in Italy too. A unique and personalized way of conducting a ceremony, created thanks to ANDREA BARENDSON’s professional capabilities, and acquired experience through humanistic study and years of work and research, in order to sadisfy the many different requests coming from couples. A professional with communicative talent and skill grasps the desire of who would like to celebrate an unforgettable moment, weddings, renewal of wedding vows, baby naming and Funerals.
THE CELEBRANT with his sensitivity and empathy will make profound and determined moments become memorable for the couple and for who experiences it.
The couple will be assisted by THE CELEBRANT so as to create their ceremony on the basis of their desires, emotions and family context. Words of harmony, music and scenery will make your function unique.
The celebrant joyfully celebrates this special function. It¬¬ is a very felt moment for married couples, they are living this moment with utmost awareness and deep feelings..
Welcoming the baby to parents, family and friends. it is often celebrated during the wedding celebration.
The Celebrant expresses emotions and feelings of farewell, in memory of family, relatives or friends of the loved one.
Dr. Andrea Barendson celebrates either individually or alongside the ufficial ceremony in church or at the Municipality, with personalized speeches in Italian, English and other foreign language.